Flower Vases and Urns on Cemetery Memorials

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Flower Urns and Vases on Markers, Memorials, & Monuments

Lowell Granite Company offers flower vases in a variety of designs and sizes, each as stylish and elegant as the next. They are as strong as they are beautiful, thanks to the more »» die-cast aluminum construction and exclusive coating process which adds exterior durability without compromising beauty.

All vases can be securely mounted to an upright memorial by a number of fastener options. Many of the vase designs are offered in the Flush Ground Unit System which provides a convenient way to meet cemetery maintenance regulations.

We also offer Cement Flower Urns in a variety of styles. We offer any of the above pictured urns in either Pink, Grey, Black or White. Our urns are guaranteed* for one year from the date of purchase. We recommend the urns be placed on 1” base of pea gravel, or square patio stone. Extending 1” larger than the base. Concrete is porous and will absorb moisture from the ground. The pea gravel layer prevents moisture absorption.

To winterize, remove dirt from urn, clean with bleach and a stiff brush. Rinse well and let dry. Cover with plastic trash bag until spring.

* Please contact us for full details.

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