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At Lowell Granite Company we are committed to offering you new and exciting ways to continue the legacy of your loved one. Memory Links is the latest in Memorial Technology. A Memory Link helps you preserve your loved one’s story in a way that will always be available. By attaching a Memory Link to a memorial headstone a visitor can simply scan the QR code with their smartphone and view information about the person including a biography, family tree, photos, videos, obituary and more.

The Memory Link can be attached to memorial monuments, mausoleums, cremation niches, memorial benches, plaques or any other type of memorial. The QR links are made from a special material that is weatherproof and has been fully tested to withstand the harshest elements. They are fully guaranteed* against damage or loss and will be replaced at no charge.

* Please contact us for full details.

Press ReleaseLowell Granite Company partners with national QR specialists. Click here

Press Release

Memory Links


Lowell Granite Company partners with national QR specialists

Since the beginning of recorded history, societies all over the world have chosen to honor the memory of their loved ones, who have died, through memorialization. This ancient tradition has now met the newest technology, QR codes. Memorials traditionally have only been able to show a limited amount of information about the individual. Now unlimited written information, photos, and videos are just a smart phone scan away from anyone visiting the gravesite.

Lowell Granite Company, a long established memorial company, has announced they have selected to partner with MemoryLinks, the nation’s largest manufacturer and distributor of QR memorialization, in offering this exciting new technology to their families. The QR code module can be placed on any type of new or existing memorial, including cremation niches.

"We are very pleased to be associated with Jeff and Wendy Wilterink at Lowell Granite," stated Eric Fogarty, the national marketing director of MemoryLinks. “We are developing a network of quality memorial companies throughout the United States and Canada and Lowell Granite has long been known for the quality of their memorials and dedicated service to their families.”

A small QR module is placed on the memorial. When the QR module is scanned by any smart phone (a phone with a camera and the ability to connect to the internet), the individual scanning the module will view a personalized website, created for the person buried or entombed there. The module itself contains no information, but rather links to the website.

The personalized website contains a home page, which shows a photo of the person with their date of birth, death, and their home town. There is also a biography page which contains the complete written story of the person’s life, a family tree page showing photos and relationships of as many family members as the family wants, and a memory page which contains an unlimited number of photographs and videos of the person. The latest feature, allows the person scanning the QR module to send a message to the family.

The QR (Quick Response) technology was developed by Toyota in the early ‘90’s, to control production and inventory. MemoryLinks was one of the first companies in the United States to offer QR codes for memorialization. MemoryLinks has dealers in over 20 states and Canada and is hoping to dealers located in every state in the US and province Canada by the end of the year.

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For more information contact Wendy Wilterink at Lowell Granite Company: 1-800-892-7862 or email   «« close press release

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