Bevel & Flush Cemetery Markers & Memorials

View our collection of bevel & flush marker types for a better understanding of our styles, sizes and colors. Bevel Markers are slanted with a 2” pitch so that the back of the granite cemetery marker is slightly higher than the front of the cemetery marker. Usually this has a polished face and rough rock pitched edges. Flush Markers are referred to as a footstone or a flush grave marker, which means they are set level with the grass and only the top is showing.


View our design books and available sizes. We offer sizes from 16 inches to 42 inches. Brochures are available.


16″  |  Design Book


20″ |  Design Book


24″  |  Design Book


30″  |  Design Book


36″  |  Design Book


42″  |  Design Book


View the colors we offer.

Color Samples American Black

American Black

Color Samples Bahama Blue

Bahama Blue

Color Samples Barre

Barre Gray

Color Samples Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl

Color Samples Coffee Pearl

Coffee Pearl

Color Samples Colonial Rose

Colonial Rose

Color Samples India Red

India Red

Color Samples Jet Black

Jet Black

Color Samples Lexington

Lexington Gray

Color Samples Miss Red

Missouri Red

Color Samples NA Pink

North American Pink

Color Samples Rustic Mahog

Rustic Mahogany

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