A Unique Design

We have a series of design books available for inspiration but we can make anything you’d like as well.

A Unique Color

Color Samples American Black

American Black

Color Samples Bahama Blue

Bahama Blue

Color Samples Barre

Barre Gray

Color Samples Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl

Color Samples Coffee Pearl

Coffee Pearl

Color Samples Colonial Rose

Colonial Rose

Color Samples India Red

India Red

Color Samples Jet Black

Jet Black

Color Samples Lexington

Lexington Gray

Color Samples Miss Red

Missouri Red

Color Samples NA Pink

North American Pink

Color Samples Rustic Mahog

Rustic Mahogany

Restoration Services

How to properly clean granite memorials:

  • Use lots of clean water. It may take as much as 20 gallons to clean an average monument.

  • Do not use a pressure washer.

  • Do not use any soap or other chemicals.

  • Get the monument thoroughly wet before cleaning.

  • Use a fiber or nylon brush, not a wire brush.

  • Start cleaning at the bottom with just water and elbow grease and work your way up to the top.

  • Rinse thoroughly with more clean water.

  • Do not let the monument dry until you are finished rinsing.

  • Some monuments will require more than one cleaning depending on how stained or dirty it is.